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     A Day Away Foundation was founded by Linda and Joe Gryn, the co-owners of LinGroup Inc.  They strongly  believe that everyone should have equal access to social and recreational activities in in their community. Unfortunately, many adults with intellectual developmental disabilities and autism will go their whole lives without enjoying the simple pleasures of the world, because access to community activities is either limited or non existent due to the lack of funding and resources.

"Because Experience is the Best Teacher"

      The purpose of A Day Away Foundation is to raise awareness of the need for more social and recreational activities for adults with intellectual disabilities and autism. Social activities are a vital part of helping these individuals live a fulfilling life and becoming more self sufficient. Participation in social and recreational activities can help to improve their gross motor skills, social skills, psychological well being, and communication. Getting involved in the community can also increase their sense of belonging, self worth, social presence, and help them build meaningful relationships.  It is also proven that those who partake in community activities are generally happier and tend to make healthier life choices. When more people  are involved in the community, the community thrives, economies expand, businesses flourish, and education grows. When you support organizations like A Day Away, not only do you help a person in need but you foster overall growth in the community.


      A Day Away Foundation helps to empower individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities and and autism to reach their full potential and improve their way of life. We fight to eliminate the the barriers that contribute to the low levels of participation among these individuals and help them integrate into the community. With your support and generous donations we can continue to provide them with the funds and resources necessary to create and finance more activities geared toward their needs. 

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